Now the Ford Mustang Will Sing Just the Way You Like

A Ford Mustang's purr is one of the best sounds that a car-lover can hear. The classic growl of a revving Ford engine will practically raise the hairs on your neck - and that's precisely what it's designed to do. Audio engineers at Ford work diligently to ensure the Mustang's sounds are as iconic as any part of the vehicle - and that's about to change.

The Ford audio team has recently unveiled an update to the way their Mustang sounds. With a new acoustic exhaust system, you can now adjust the volume of your engine with a press of a button. This means that when you want to be as silent as possible, you can do so with ease - and vice versa.

If you're curious about what this acoustics exhaust system is capable of, then pay us a visit here at Dave Marston Motors Inc. We'd be happy to walk you through it, and then assist you with a test drive if you're interested.

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